pulled pork tacos with pico de gallo and midnight margaritas

It's Taco Tuesday and....

I HAVE OFFICIALLY MOVED IN!!!! Moving day(s) came and went last week and I am now sitting in my lovely dining room that I share with one of my best friends, Brooke. We have THE sweetest neighbors you've ever met in your life, a view of the city (once we trim some bushes) and a kickass patio. 

Only one word comes to mind to celebrate finally being in this house: TEQUILA.

Ok two words: tequila and tacos. 

Mmmmm yeah, that's right. Gonna start this post off with a big ole hunk of raw meat. Pork tenderloinnnnn, baby. I originally got the idea for this recipe from a friend of mine and my mother's (that's right Candy, I'm talkin' to you). She had us over for dinner recently and we had this amazing pulled pork that she had let sit in the crockpot for hours, only with a can of William Sonoma Verde Sauce. I went from there and mixed it up a little bit. Start by browning both sides of this hunk of meat in a little bit of olive oil in a dutch oven, season lightly with salt, and add to crockpot. 

For the crockpot:

-pork tenderloin (obviously)
-juice of one lime
-one jar of Herdez Tomatillo verde (or any salsa verde)
-2 tblsp TEQUILA (I feel like it should always be in caps, no?)

I turned the crockpot on low and left it for 3 hours, but I realized it wouldn't be where I needed it to be before we were ready to eat, so I bumped it up to high for the last hour/hour and a half. It should be to the point where you can very easily and gently pull it apart with a fork, like so.

While the pork is slow cookin' you can get together the pico de gallo:

-5 diced roma tomatoes
-1 large diced sweet onion
-1 diced jalapeno
-1 cut up handful of cilantro
-juice of half of a lime
-salt (keep salting and tasting until tastes right)
-**Not pictured because I forgot it until the last minute** one clove minced garlic

Mix together in a bowl and ATTEMPT to not eat all of it with chips before the pork is ready. 

OK so your pork is almost finished, pico de gallo is made and you're snacking, what's next? Margaritas. 

I'm about to share with you a service industry secret. Not going to name any names here...but I used to work at a bar where the specialties were tacos and margaritas. This is the exact recipe as far as basic ingredients and measurements (used different brands), and I'm going to be honest with you...these are really damn good margaritas. 

You'll need:

-1 1/2 oz tequila (I used El Jimador because I'm El Cheapo)
-2 oz of orange liqueur (I used Agavero)
-1 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
-dash of agave

Add ingredients into your shaker, shake hard with ice for 15-20 seconds and strain over a glass of ice.

This doesn't even do it justice of how tasty it is. You're just going to have to take my word for it and make it yourself.

TACO SET UP! For the tacos:

-corn tortillas
-pico de gallo
-pulled pork
-sliced avocados
-cilantro for garnish
-limes for garnish

It's a fiesta in your mouth.

Brooke and I had one of our girlfriends over and ate tacos, drank margaritas, and chatted all about life on our patio. Life is good mis amigos.

And of course, we listened to my favorite playlist I made for occasions just like these..Midnight Margaritas. I've shared this before and I will share it again. Listen here.