DIY hanging plants

*Original post: October 4th, 2015


Alright, I know it has technically been fall for a little bit now. But there is a chill in the air, I’m drinking a pumpkin coffee and I have a soup on in the crockpot at home that I plan to eat while I watch Hocus Pocus and have a pumpkin candle lit. So to me, it is officially Fall. My favorite season; just like every other girl out there.

It’s true; I am your typical fall lover. And I do Fall SO well. The sweaters, leggings, boots, fall décor, candles, movies, Spotify playlists including all good Halloween songs, and of course the fall soups. I’m getting excited just talking about it. So be expecting all sorts of fall goodies throughout the month of October.

Let’s start with my latest project, which showcases one of the great fall plants: mums. Why are they so great you ask? Mums are low maintenance, easy to grow, and drought resistant. Perfect for the non-planter like me. (I try my best but truly just kill every plant I touch). I got the idea for a hanging plant display from Hometalk, you can find how they did their project here.

So I started off with my supplies. I got my tins from work that they were getting rid of, but you can use old paint cans or check your local craft stores. I got the 4ft board from Lowes as well as the rope, handles/hardware, and Woodfinish Penetrating Stain. I used “Special Walnut”. The mums I picked up from a local nursery as well some pretty adorable gardening gloves if I do say so myself.

I used tape to create designs and Annie Sloan “Old White” to paint the tins. After two coats and waiting for the paint to completely dry, I removed the tape. Usually I seal chalk paint with wax, however if these tins will be outside in warm weather the wax will not hold up, so I painted two coats of Polyurethane over them to give a good shine.  I used a drill to put one hole on opposite sides. I measured out three pieces of rope (depending on how long you want them to hang) and tied them in through the holes.

For the board, I used three coats of the stain, waiting for each coat to dry in between. Using a ruler and pencil I measured out where the hooks should go and drilled them in. This is where things get tricky for me, as I am truly NOT a perfectionist. I eyeball every picture I hang up, even if that means putting multiple holes in the wall. Not the best way to go, especially for a project like this.  On the back of the board I drilled in a hook on each end so I could hang it on the house.

After you have all of your pieces assembled, plant your mums and hang your board and you are good to go!

You can tie knots in the rope to adjust the length. And there you have it, hanging mums! A lovely Fall project. 

While I got down and dirty with these mums I was singing along to one of my favorites, Natalie Prass:

Check out "Bird of prey" here.