pumpkin coconut curry

*Original post: October 8th, 2015

Happy Thursday!! Today has been such a happy day. Something about the nice weather that puts me in the best mood, as I’m sure it does with everyone as well.  And on happy days I do things that make me happy. Like drive with the windows down and blare my favorite music, treat myself to a delicious coffee and blueberry muffin, and make PUMPKIN CURRY. Yes, you read correctly.

I am curry obsessed. I could literally eat Thai curry-anything every day of my life and be just fine (as well as plumpy). I usually make this dish with peanut butter or almond butter but it is October, my friends so you know what that means. PUMPKIN PUREE!

The main ingredients that usually go into my curry are:

-red bell pepper
-shiitake mushrooms
-some kind of crunchy green (either snow peas or green beans)
-some kind of protein (today was baked tofu)
-and usually a sweet potato, but today is a Jewel yam

Jewel yam. Never heard of it. But the grocery store was out of sweet potatoes. Yes, OUT of sweet potatoes. I even checked in the frozen section for the pre-cut ones but it was a no go. So I decided to try something new and go with a Jewel yam, WHICH believe it or not (after a little research) is not actually a yam, it is sweet potato of a different color. Who knew?
So I started by marinating the tofu. The marinade I used is:

-1 tblsp tamari
-1 tblsp rice wine vinegar
-1 tsp ginger
-1 tsp chili sauce
-a couple dashes of sriracha
-1 tblsp water
-dash of salt

After mixing these together I cut up about ¾ of the block of tofu into cubes and let sit in the marinade for hour (longer if you like). Preheat the oven to 350F and spread the tofu out on a tray, cook for 40 minutes stirring halfway through. After this, your tofu should look yummy and browned like so:

I then peeled and cut up the yam into cubes and steamed for about 25-30 minutes until they were soft. Once this is soft and the tofu is getting to be about halfway done, get everything else ready.

To make the curry sauce, here’s what I popped into the food processor:

-3 tblsp of pumpkin puree

-2 tblsp red curry paste

-2 tsp chili sauce

-2 tblsp tamari

-dash of ginger

-dash sriracha

Once the tofu is about halfway done, I cut up the red bell pepper and got it going in about a tblsp of coconut oil. I added the shiitake mushrooms, yams, snow peas, baked tofu and seasoned this with salt.

After these have been cooking for a couple minutes, pour in the pumpkin curry mixture and one can of coconut milk; stir together. I brought this to a light boil and then let simmer while the rice cooks so it thickens into a yummy sauce.

Put a scoop of the rice into the bowl and top with the mixture, garnish with basil and enjoy the pumpkin goodness!

Now on top of this happy weather, happy day, and happy pumpkin meal, I needed happy music. A friend suggested Leon Bridges to me. I had previously only heard one of his songs but it turns out his entire album is amazing, and exactly the happy tunes I needed.


Check it out here.