national guacamole day

*Original post: September 18th, 2015

Alright, alright, so I'm a day late on National Guacamole Day. But let me show you my super simple and super tasty guacamole that you can make even when it isn't a national holiday! 

Do you notice something missing from this photo??? You're right. It's cilantro. And no, I don't want to talk about it.

OK FINE. Someone in my household threw out this beautiful guac necessity and I was not about to sit in Atlanta rush hour traffic at 5pm to get it. So I went without. If you are my sister or other folk who think cilantro tastes like soap, this is no problemo for you. For me, this is sad. But I suppose I can go without just once. 

Can we talk about this avocado? Yummm.

Can we talk about this avocado? Yummm.

For real, this is super simple. I used two ripe avocados, a handful of cut-up cherry tomatoes, about 1/3 of cut up jalapeno (more if you like it mas caliente), one clove garlic, the juice of one small lime, and 1 tsp onion cut into very small piecs (if you like the onions, feel free to use more...I enjoy a tiny amount).

Munch on with crispy tortilla chips, margaritas, and enjoy amigos :)

Obviously while I guac it up I have to listen to the "Chef" sountrack. I highly suggest this:

Listen here.