a pop of color

*Original post: September 18th, 2015

Lets. Talk. Color. 

One pop of color can COMPLETELY change the look of a room. I'm not going to lie to you my friends, I am mildy obsessed with blue and/or turqoise decor in my home. The obsession seems to progressively get worse. Each time I get a new piece or project I think, "I should do something different; try a new color; branch out...".


So, once upon a time I was living in Savannah, Georgia after college. My roomie I was living with had all the furniture (exluding my room things) we would ever need. So then, roomie gets engaged. Roomie moves in with future hubby and I'm all of a sudden left with an empty house. Sad? Yes. Exciting? OH HELL YEAH. Decorating my first house on my own was a huge, exciting step for me. 

I bought this basic piece of furniture from Good Will for 40 dollars. Easy Peasy. I used Behr "Desert Coral" and used my DIY chalk paint recipe.

EVEN MY TOES ARE CORAL! That is commitment. So with DIY chalk paint, and I will have tutorials coming, I do two coats, and then wax. This is a piece that I did not want antiqued/distressed, so dark wax was not a step. I just covered the piece in Annie Sloan clear wax, waited 8 hours, ran a steel wool over the piece to distribute the wax, and buffed with a clear rag for a shine. 

Final result? Look at dat pop :) 

And while we are on color...one of my all time favorite songs: