lazy day taco soup

*Original post: November 2nd, 2015

It’s raining, it’s chilly outside, and I am tired from a very long Halloween weekend. The perfect meal for this situation: Taco Soup.

Not only is it ridiculously easy, it’s so yummy and will warm you right up!

Let me first start by doing a quick recap of Halloween. I took a few days off work and headed to my favorite spooky city, Savannah.

Ohhh yeah. That's right. Let me stay at your place and I WILL bring all of my Halloween decorations and take over. Throughout the weekend...

There were a lot of wigs.

There were a lot of stripes.

There was a lot of makeup. Overall, it was a spooky success. But also exhausting. Which brings me back to Taco Soup.

The ingredients are simple.

-two cans black beans (or one big can)

-two cans pinto beans (or one big can)

-one can diced tomatoes

-one can corn

-one can green chiles

-one can kidney beans

-package of macaroni noodles

-one packet taco seasoning

-ground turkey

-fritos (for garnish)

-cilantro (for garnish)

Brown the ground turkey. Once cooked through, add in the crockpot with all the beans, corn, tomatoes and chiles. There are certain things I like to strain and some that I don't. I do not strain the can of tomatoes, chiles, or black beans. But I will strain the corn, kidney beans, and pinto beans. If I'm feeling extra healthy I will rinse them off entirely. After all of this is in the crockpot, add the taco seasoning packet and about 4 cups water, more or less depending on if you like it soup-ey or stew-ey. 

Cook on low for 4 hours. When you are ready to eat, cook noodles according to the package. Layer the bowl with noodles on bottom, soup on top, and garnish with fritos and cilantro (and cheese if you like).

The perfect rainy day soup. Now get on your pajamas and enjoy.

I have listened to this song on repeat. It's good for rainy soup days. Listen here.