90 in 90 - because everyone deserves a dream home

Hello blogger world! It has been too long. I have been gone long time. I have so much to catch you up on - moving to Grant Park, and..............well I guess that's about it. I did get a new car. New house, new car, new year who dis? 

Anywho. Let's get right to the point. 

I wanted to tell you guys about something really amazing that my team is doing. For those of you who follow my instagram and don't know me personally (I know there's like a whole 8 of you out there that fit this criteria and read my blog), I am a licensed Realtor in Georgia and have worked with The Justin Landis Group for the past year (in fact, yesterday was my one year anniversary with the team - woo!). I realize that there's a chance you might not know this as I mostly post about furniture, food, friends & family, Finnigan etc. A lot of of this is because for so long, I was trying to make A Yellow Peach a brand that consisted only of these things. Lately however, I have been wanting to incorporate all of my day to day life in my instagram & social media because when it comes down to it, I am my brand. And that is my life. So there it is, I am in real estate. And I love it.

Now lemme brag on my team & the agent that I work for really quick before I get to the announcement. The Justin Landis Group is amazing. And let me tell you why.

In 2017, the agent that I work for (who I am lucky enough to call my boss & friend):
Sold over 120 homes
Was named one of the 30 Under 30 for Realtor Magazine

This year, our team received:
#2 team in Georgia for volume
#4 team in the Southeast Region for Volume

But most importantly, I'm proud of our team because of how much they care. This past year our team has:
Donated over 200 coats to the Coat Drive this winter
Volunteered & Served Dinner at The Nicholas House every 2 months in 2017
Helped restore homes and communities in Texas after the hurricanes
& Much More

What we have starting now is something that I am so incredibly excited about. Today kicks off our initiative called 90 in 90. Over the next three months, our team will be working toward a goal of helping 90 families find their dream home while raising $90,000 to help the Atlanta Mission transform the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Take a look from our site:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 5.17.21 PM.png

Over 7,000 of our Atlanta neighbors wake up homeless. Insane. Our representative from Atlanta Mission that we are working with let us know that the homeless can go up to 6 months without hearing their own name. Can you imagine?

This week, our team had the opportunity to visit My Sister's House, the Atlanta Mission's shelter for women and children. The women that come here can often be terrified, traumatized, and unsure of how to handle the compassion being given to them because they have never received it before. What My Sister's House does for these women is truly amazing, it is more than just a safe place to sleep at night but an opportunity to completely transform their life through the compassion and care of the staff. 

This is so huge. Every dollar we make will be matched, which means we have the potential to bring in $180,000. That would be so huge for them.

But we need your help! And here's how you can.

  • Who do you know who may be moving in the next 3 months?  Every new connection we make helps us toward our goal, so spread the word!

  • Donate online. Our donation link will be live March 1st.

  • Donate by mail. You can mail checks made out to Atlanta Mission to our office at 581 Grant Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Make sure to write “JLG 90 in 90” on the memo line.

Take a look at these transformation stories. 


Read Macey's story.

Ok, here is all the info:

You can check out the Atlanta Mission page and read all about there story here.

Make sure to watch our VIDEO starring the lovely as ever Grace Morgan and team leader Justin Landis here.

Our team page about 90 in 90 here.

AND of course, the donation link here

EVERYONE DESERVES A DREAM HOME. Let's make it happen. 

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