the best thing i ate in new york - and other tales from the city

Y'all, I am struggling. I am having "Post Fun Trip Depression". PFTD. It's a thing. 

Don't you hate that? You have such a nice break from laundry and grocery lists, from work, from making your bed or cleaning the kitchen, from putting gas in your car; a break from all of life's responsibilities in the real world. Then you come back home and it all hits you like a sack of bricks. 

PFTD is ESPECIALLY common when you have taken the long vacation for your birthday (as I did). Not only is it a break from the real world, but also people buy you drinks and food and tell you nice things for the whole extent of your trip. Ugh. So you can see why I am struggling here. But it's worth it. 

My flight out was super early Wednesday morning so I had to wake up around 5am. LUCKILY for me, my pre flying anxiety kicked in extra early and I woke up at 1:30am and never fell back asleep. Woohoo! By the time I got to the airport and the special magic pill I take to help with my horrible flying anxiety kicked in, I was in total zombie mode. If you read my post about England, you know a little about my flying anxiety. I don't fear the plane crashing, but it's something about being in a space I can't get out of. After a 10 hour flight back from a England, however, a flight less than 2 hours was definitely a lot easier. My arrival to New York started with a very long nap. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with my family in New York, I'll give you a quick run down. My sister, Liz, moved to Manhattan on a whim five years ago with no job, no idea what living in New York would be like, and hardly any money. She got a job, kept working her way up and now lives with her fiance, Steve, in Brooklyn with their precious pup, Tuna. She's kind of a badass but I may be biased. 

Anywayzz, Wednesday night after getting TRAPPED on the subway for about 30 minutes (just one of my biggest fears NBD), we went to one of her work events for wine, cheese, olives, and got to pick out a choker of our choice. Free wine, snacks, and things?! I could used to that for sure. We ended the night ordering in late night food, because you can literally order anything you want at pretty much any time. 

The next morning was MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY! We all know that birthdays get less and less exciting after 21, but I started doing something in the past couple years to assure that every birthday is great.

Step one: treat yo self.
Step two: do it by yo self.

The older I get, the more control freak I become. I admit it, I like to plan things and I like things to go a certain way. Sometimes, I'm a total pain in the ass about it. Sometimes, I get stressed out if the plans don't go as planned (I'm working on that one mk?). "Birthday Treat Yo Self" makes me feel incredibly happy and relaxed, and doing it alone means no one can mess it up! Plus I crave alone time on that reg. Is that a little crazy? Fine, I'm a little crazy. But I can be whatever I want to be on my birthday amiright?

Treat Yo Self step 1 was a massage at The Plaza, the Caudalie Spa. I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the absolute best massage I have ever had in my life. As an assistant I have my phone on me at all times. Having it put away for a full hour of extreme relaxation....good gawd I can't even describe how amazing this was.

Treat Yo Self step 2 was getting my hair blown out at Dry Bar in Tribeca. This was my first time ever walking around Tribeca and 5th Avenue. It was pretty nuts....the sidewalks were completely packed on a Thursday at 2pm. I had this thought of "where in the HELL are all of these people going? I know they aren't all on their lunch breaks....they aren't all tourists...why are there so many of them?" Which, is the same thought I have every day in Atlanta traffic. In New York the majority of that is just street traffic. It's a whole different ball game. Kind of intimidating, but also incredibly thrilling at the same time.

Treat Yo Self step 3: lobster and champagne. I stopped into this tiny placed called Ed's Lobster Bar (I saw it on Million Dollar Listing and had been dying to go).

Seriously, this was the most delicious lobster of my life. I'm drooling.

Treat Yo Self step 4: getting a makeover at Sephora. I am not usually one to post my selfies unless someone else is in them with me, but I had to show what a great job this girl did. Plus, if you had seen me right before this makeover you would agree she worked absolute MAGIC. I have had my makeup done before but Johannah did the most incredible job, best one I've had so far. Also, she was so freakin' sweet, we instantly became friends and when I go back to New York I'll probably track her down to hang.

Treat Yo Self was completed just in time to meet up with Liz after work. We met at a sailboat bar for drinks called Grand Banks. Yeppp. A SAILBOAT BAR. You literally sit on a boat at a bar with the most insane view right on the water....I would go every day. I just would not recommend having more than a couple drinks there at the risk of falling down. Or in. 

Following sailboat drinks we met up with Liz's friends Megan and Elah at a restaurant called Catch. We had so much incredible food, I don't even know where to start. The lighting was too dark for pictures, which is probably for the best because I would go on OVERLOAD. But to give you an idea....lobster mac n cheese, crunchy rice cakes, crispy shrimp, spicy crunchy hand roll, and Wagyu on a rock which is when they bring out 5 pieces of raw meat and you cook it yourself on a hot rock. IT WAS INSANE. Oh, and s'more pizza for dessert. 

Birthday night ended with singing Karaoke at a Korean Bar, because why not? *I recommend not attempting to sing Lady Gaga standing on a table, the manager will not approve*

The rest of the trip was pretty much Liz, Steve and I eating and drinking our way through Brooklyn. Some of the best food I have ever had. I'm starting from the bottom (which is still really freakin' good) and working my way up.

Chicken and melted cheese on English muffin from Friend of a Farmer.

Brussel Sprout Quiche from Friend of a Farmer.

Gramercy Park Salad with pears, blue cheese, walnuts, and beets from Friend of a Farmer.

Also from Friend of a Farmer we had legit some of the BEST BACON I have ever had in my life. And that is a very bold statement coming from me.

Oysters from Wallabout, always a classic.

Scallops with chorizo, sun chokes, apple cider sauce and roe from Wallabout. This. Was. RIDIC.

Now since I did not take any pictures of the brisket hash, potato latkes, egg salad, fried salami sandwich or pickled vegetables from the most amazing Jewish Delicatessen called Mile End in Liz's neighborhood, the best thing I ate was:

Ostrich Carpaccio with farm cheese, olive oil, and microgreens from Madiba. A really good South African restaurant. If any of your mouths are not watering at this point, we probably aren't friends.

After 4 straight days of eating, walking, drinking, and more eating I was exhausted. My last day in Brooklyn was spent cuddled up with two favorites while Steve made us the most amazing dinner (yes, more food). 

New York, I love you. My lease is up in April....I wonder how Finn would do in the big city? :)