paint it beautiful - fusion mineral paint vanity

PLEASE FORGIVE ME as I have not blogged in long time. I'm sure you all know how it is getting caught up with things in life like work, family in town, more work, a flea infestation in the home, going out of town, 4th of July festivities, aaaand more more work. Why can't we all just quit our jobs and sneak off to a private island and drink yummy drinks out a coconut under an umbrella? UGH. Seems so unfair.

The good part about work is that my job allows me to have the freedom to also work on furniture, and that makes me incredibly happy. I have heard a lot recently about metallic paint and I've been dying to try it out. I used a tutorial by Melanie at Lost and Found, you can find her page here

Her step by step instructions are AMAZING and turned out perfectly. I did change just a couple things. To begin, she degreases her piece and also Ultra Grip, a primer. This piece was an older one and the wood was fairly porous so I did not use either of those.

So here is the vanity before. Well, kind of before. You can see in the bottom right corner that I already started...I do that ALL the time and forget to take a picture beforehand. Oops :) 

I started off by painting the whole piece in bronze (on the left). Melanie describes that the real key to using metallic paint is layering to give it more depth, and she has a point. Plain metallic can look a little cheesy. This paint is very different from chalk paint, the consistency is super thin and flicks all over the place so make sure to use a tarp.

All gold errwhere, baby. 

After the gold has dried, you dry brush black over the piece. Now here's the thing, I am not the biggest fan of dry brushing. It never seems to turn out the way that I want it to. So what I ended up doing instead is treating this paint almost like dark wax in a sense. I had my steel wool in one hand and brush in the other. Paint, rub in. Paint, rub in. Etc.

So whether you dry brush or just kind of rub the paint it, the point is just to get some darkness in certain areas for added depth.

Next step, cover the piece with the silver (on the right). On a sample piece I made to practice, I actually covered up the entire piece. Which covered all the cool dark areas I had created and the bronze. So you almost want to kind of dry brush (or whatever method you prefer) the silver on the piece as well. 

Last but not least, clear top coat. I loooove trying out new finishing products so this was super exciting. It's an interesting consistency...almost like a really wet glue. It even dries on your skin like glue and gets flakey on your fingers. So if you're one of those that is weirded out by that I would suggest wearing gloves. I'm used to using clear wax and buffing it in. This was pretty easy, you just rub it in with a clean rag!

And Voila, this is the final result! Yasss.


Can I say it a third time? Cause I will. Yas. 

I cannot wait to try out these products again. You can purchase Fusion Mineral Paint here. And make sure to check out Melanie's page as well, she has a lot of great stuff on there!