a sideboard before and after

Where has this year gone?? I cannot believe it's already coming up on April. I swear to God it was New Years Day like...yesterday. March has really flown by. St. Patrick's day has come and gone...my first time not being in Savannah for St. Patty's in over five years. I really can't even talk about how this makes me feel. My FOMO was so severe I pretty much avoided all social media the whole weekend. (For those of you who may not know, FOMO=fear of missing out and my case of this is SEVERE).

I think time especially flies by when you stay busy, which if you read my last blog post you know I'm really taking on a lot right now. I like staying busy though and I've accomplished some really fun things in the past couple weeks. 

I've been working on furniture out in Smyrna for Mia, a friend of my mom's. Mia and I immediately clicked and we get along so well. Her house is absolutely beautiful and our styles are very similar so I was thrilled to start working on some pieces for her. There's a store right near her house, "The Bird and The Bee", that sells Annie Sloan chalk paint and waxes, which is awesome because there are not many retailers in the Atlanta area. So we picked out the color and I got started.

When I went back a couple days later to wax, I realized my wax brush had been packed away in the move. Ugh. So I drove by the nearby store but the sign said closed. Panic started to set it. Then I saw someone walking into the store from the back studio and I stuck my head out my window looking like a pyscho "Can I please come get a wax brush??" She kindly invited me in and let me pick out what I needed. WOO CRISIS AVERTED. The woman who let me in is the owner, Betsy. We started talking about my obsession with the store and the back studio (which is a little yellow house) and I shared with her the information about my blog and furniture work. She then invited me to a Blogger's Chalk paint workshop that was taking place at the store the very next day! Funny how timing works out sometimes. 

I meeeaaannn......right? Stupid cute.

Any place that has food and wine is cool in my book.

There were 6 of us who attended the workshop, and they really did such an amazing job setting up everything for us. My favorite thing about this event was being surrounded by other bloggers, which means being surrounded by other people who are also taking pictures of EVERYTHING. At one point I think all 6 of us had our cameras out. 

Betsy and a couple of the girls she works with taught us so many cool techniques that I didn't know about, I cannot WAIT to try them out and share them. They also sent us home with some presents :) Such an awesome experience. 

But ok. Back to Mia's furniture. 

So Mia had bought this sideboard from Macy's yeeeears ago.

Look at those fancy details there oooooh yeah. Let's change it.

Mid process: two coats of Annie Sloan's "French Linen". After this was fully dry, I completely covered the piece with clear wax and buffed that out. I then followed the whole piece with dark wax and buffed that as well.

I then lightly went over all the edges with MY FAVORITE TOY: Gilding wax. Please ignore my painfully awkward hand. Gilding wax is so much fun. The first time I used it, I completely covered the outline of the side table with a paint brush. This time, I went straight in with my hands. This is so much more exciting because there are no rules to where or how you apply this.

Instead of picking out new hardware, I painted those with gilding wax as well. They look completely different!

A whole new sideboard! Just takes a little yellow peach lovin'. Mia is thrilled with it which is always the best feeling. She's got other pieces she wants me to refinish as well and I cannot wait. Maybe I'll try out some of the new things I learned :)