roll ya own sushi

Is anyone as obsessed with sushi as I am? I'm going to guess that's a big fat yes from majority of the people reading this. And if you answered no to that question then I don't understand anything about you.

I used to be able to eat so much more sushi than I do now. Seriously when I was a teenager I was a freakin' sushi eating machine. I just would never get full and didn't gain a pound. Now I can eat like 15 rolls max and I get too full and still gain weight....sigh. Adult metabolism problems. 

Since I crave sushi daily, that can get fairly pricey. So I decided instead to just make my own! It's surprisingly easy and also pretty fun. I started off by going to my FOOD HEAVEN: Buford Farmer's Market. It puts every grocery store to shame. 

Things you need for sushi making:

-sheets of roasted seaweed
-bamboo roller (not pictured)
-sushi rice (sticky rice)
-fresh raw salmon (this is where the farmer's market really comes in handy, if you aren't able to get fresh raw fish then I suggest using something cooked)
-Masago (fish eggs for the top) 
-whatever else you want to put in there! There are no sushi rules!

Cut your cucumber, carrot and avocado into little twiggy sticks like so.

SUSHI SET UP! Make sure you have a bowl of water to dip your fingers into before dealing with the sticky rice or your hands will actually be covered in rice.

I did sushi two different ways, the way you see above is with the rice on the inside and nori (seaweed) on the outside. I use a piece of plastic wrap to help with the rolling and the bamboo as well. The second way is with the rice on the outside, and this is also where the plastic wrap comes in handy for the rice to stick to. Get a good grip on the outside and roll everything up very tight. After the first tight roll with the bamboo sheet and plastic wrap, you can pull that off and roll with your hands. 

Make sure to use a very sharp knife to cut through these, or else all the yummy inside goodness will fall out. 

Cut into thin slices and top with masago. And if you like, pair with soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi. So easy and SO yummy!

Tunes while I'm rollin:

Lany "ILYSB" (the stripped version) is absolutely addicting. Check it out here and happy rolling :)