England adventures: part three

“Come my friends. ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down…it may be we shall touch the Happy Isles….Yet, our purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset”.


I saw this quote inside of an old book store in Lyme Regis that I went to on Saturday. Ahhhhhh Lyme Regis. Saturday was the day to discover the beautiful Jurassic Coast at Lyme Regis! It was finally here! It was a day without work! It was a day to explore on my own!! Aaaand it was 100% chance of rain…with winds up to 60mph. Awesome. 

The winds had come from storm Imogen and they were EXTREME. I’m talkin’ like waking me up at 4am extreme, especially in the caravan. I seriously had a Wizard of Oz moment where I thought the winds were going to pick the caravan up and take it somewhere else. So Saturday was horrible weather, so what? I was determined to make the best of it. 

I suited up in my wool socks, thick sweater, gloves, scarf, and giant poofy jacket and headed to the bus stop. The bus stop is maybe five minutes away, and I was already pretty cold and wet when I got on.

The bus dropped me off right in the center of town and I could see the ocean further down and immediately started smiling. Something about being by the water that makes cold rain and brutal winds all worth it. Once I actually hit the coast, it was like the winds multiplied by 100. I gave up even trying to look somewhat decent after about 30 seconds of standing in front of the water. 

I attempted to take a picture but this is the absolute best I could get. You can see how rocky the waves are out there. 

Alright, so I’m in an amazing beachy seaside town and its rainy, cold, and windy. What did I do? TREAT YO SELF. I decided to treat myself to some shopping and food indulging. Because what else do you do in crappy weather? That’s right, my mama taught me well. 

Started the day off right with a chocolate filled croissant and pretty cappucino.

There are a ton of cute shops on the main street, though I had to be careful what I bought and stick to small purchases (my suitcase was already pretty full on my way here).

A simple bracelet, handmade candle (smells amazeballs btw), the autobiography of Edith Piaf (one of my favorites), and a couple pieces of old sheet music that seemed fitting. 


My favorite shop that I went inside was “The Mermaid Shop”. The artist, Linzi West, was so sweet and all of her work is incredible. She’s basically living out my dream, owning a store/open studio/bnb by the ocean with her cat roaming around. Can't. 

I'm completely obsessed with my new mermaid pillowcase I purchased from her. Made through Linotype. I was worried that the pillow wouldn't fit in suitcase but she kindly sold it to me without the inside pillow. You can see more of her work here. 

I ended my Lyme visit with the one thing I had really been wanting all day: fish n’ chips. They were really good, though I have to say there was a little too much batter for my taste.

Overall it ended up being a really nice day, rough weather and all. The end there got really rough, it was dark, pouring rain, and seriously freezing. By the time I got on the bus back, the rain had actually soaked through my giant poofy coat and boots. My socks and giant sweater were also soaked. Nothing a hot shower, glass of wine, and watching Harry Potter in the warm caravan couldn’t fix. 

The next day I slept in a little bit, and IMMEDIATELY jumped out of bed when I saw that the sun had come out. I met up with a friend I had met in Bridport, Alex. He drove us to Seaton, another seaside town not too far from Axminster. We got brunch at "The Galley" which is this cute spot with a view of the water. He and I have a lot in common such as our love for eating food, talking about food, taking pictures of food, and trying new food (although he couldn't quite sell me on ordering the black pudding after he said it's made with pig's blood). We also both enjoy our amateur photography. I'm sure we looked pretty nerdy both taking about a million pictures of the coast, but when the sun is out you gotta take advantage.

I actually think he took majority of those photos so I guess I should give him credit for that :)

Our brief visit ended with me buying Biscoff spread at the store (dangerous) and Alex explaining to me why the roads are SO curvy around here (has to do with Roman times and making it harder for armies coming through). It was a really nice Sunday.

Later on, when the sun was gone yet again, I met up with the Germans (Arne and Lea) and we scoped out a few of the pubs in town. I really enjoy their company. I'm hoping I can convince them to come visit me in Atlanta.

Last night I cooked dinner for the whole family. 8 people (not including myself). And it was TACOOO NIGHHHTTTT! This is mildly hilarious, because Mexican food really isn't a big thing here. Daisy (Debbie's step daughter) asked me "what is a taco? Is it like a wrap?" Hmmm what is a taco? How do you describe a taco to someone who has never had a taco? It's like trying to explain a rainbow to a blind person. They had also never heard of guacamole and seemed a little concerned about eating the guac and Pico de Gallo before the meal. I had to explain to them that that's the point of Mexican food! You get really full on chips and salsa and guac until you're too full to actually enjoy your meal. I also introduced Margaritas to the bunch which was not loved by all (pretty strong ones I should add). There was also a fairly heated discussion over the pronunciation of the word, whether it was tah-co or tack-o. I honestly just love these people.

On the taco menu was Pico de Gallo, guac, rice, beans, fish tacos with cilantro slaw and radishes and tacos al pastor with grilled pineapple and avocado cream. YUM. I explained to everyone how to set up the tacos on their tortillas (which they kept referring to as "frisbees" or "flappy things") and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed them. I'm kicking myself for not getting more pictures of the meal but I was too distracted, I've never cooked for that many people! I can also blame the margaritas. 

We laughed pretty hard about the amount of checkered shirts going here.

After dinner we drank tea and coffee. This isn't the whole family, but the best I could do! We cracked up about how close up Daisy (left) and Astrid (right) are, and of course Debbie's bright pink socks. This family has made me feel so incredibly welcome in their home, I'm really going to miss them.

And I'm REALLY going to miss this sweet, sweet puppy love. 

Only two nights left in my comfy caravan and then I'm off to London for the weekend and back to the U S of A. Stay tuned :)